Handmade Mallet Ebony & Maple 825710

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Handmade Mallet Ebony & Black Cherry 825710

This gorgeous range of mallets are lovingly handmade in England from a lifetime's collection of fine native and exotic timbers, each one is absolutely unique. Made exclusively for Workshop Heaven, they are only available occasionally and usually sell out within the first few hours.

We photograph and list each mallet individually, so the mallet you see in the photo is the actual one that you are buying.

Made from a generous piece of subtly figured African ebony combined with smooth dark English black cherry, 825710 is an absolute beauty. The traditional long head carvers mallet gives maximum control over the force delivered, the centre of balance is about an inch up from the bottom of the head, so you have the full range from a gentle bump to a full on donk depending on which part of the mallet face you use. The black cerry goes right through the ebony head and is secured with the maker's signature purple yew wedge.

  • Overall length: 285mm
  • Mass: 0.65Kg (23oz)
  • Head Diameter: 70mm

Individually handmade in Birmingham, England.

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