Tool Sets

Tool Sets

There are several advantages to buying a set of chisels or drill bits, the obvious one is that when the occasion arises you have the correct tool to hand and are not tempted to try and ‘make do’. It is also often cheaper to buy a set of tools than it is to buy them individually and if you’re lucky, you sometimes get a nice box or roll to keep them in too.

We have also included a few sets of tools that compliment each other, are typically used together or cover everything you are likely to need for a specific task.

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  1. Kinex Engineers' Steel Draughting Set


    Kinex engineers' draughting squares are milled from 3mm thick steel plate with beautifully precision ground edges.

    The protractor head is 3mm thick and the arm is 4mm thick. It is a proper engineers' protractor, precision ground from thick steel sheet and large enough to position accurately to half a degree.

    This draughting set contains the following:

    • Kinex Engineers' Steel Draughting Square 250mm 45 d...
  2. ARNO Ebeniste Scraper Set


    The ARNO Ébéniste Scraper Set contains:

    • 1.0mm rectangular scraper
    • 0.6mm rectangular scraper
    • 0.25mm rectangular scraper
    • 0.6mm gooseneck scraper
    • Handmade French suede scraper wallet
    • Carbur2 carbide burnisher
    • Pair of Medium suede thumb guards
  3. ARNO Cabinet Scraper Set


    The Workshop Heaven Scraper Set contains:

    • 1.0mm rectangular scraper for heavier work, removing glue and old finishes.
    • 0.6mm rectangular scraper for finishing boards and chasing small patches of tearout in a planed surface.
    • 0.25mm rectangular scraper for fine spot work, and lightly scraping between coats of finish.
    • 0.6mm gooseneck scraper for finishing concave surfaces.
  4. Quangsheng No. 62 & Extra Blades Package Deal



    The Quangsheng No. 62 low angle jack is the Swiss army knife of hand planes, and an excellent choice for beginners looking for a straightforward, versatile, multi-function tool as their first premium bench plane.

    Package includes:

    • 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
    • 38deg iron for 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
    • 50deg iron for 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

  5. Workshop Heaven Hand Stitched Rasp Set 150mm with free tool roll


    A carefully handpicked selection of 150mm hand stitched rasps each with a Holtzapffel pattern walnut handle to cover a wide range of small to medium sized work.

    Hand Rasp No.3 (28tcm), Threesquare Rasp No.4 (38tcm), Square Rasp  No.4 (38tcm), Cabinet Rasp No.5 (48tcm), Half Round Rasp No.7 (70tcm), Round Rasp No.9 (90tcm) in a 6 Pocket Canvas Tool Roll

  6. Out of Stock

    Workshop Heaven Hand Stitched Rasp Set 250mm


    Set Includes

    • Hand Rasp 250mm No.2 (10tcm)
    • Half Round Rasp 250mm No.4 (20tcm)
    • Cabinet Rasp 250mm No.3 (14tcm) 
    • Each fitted with a Holtzapffel pattern walnut handle
  7. Fujikawa Tateguya Nomi Japanese Mortice Chisel Set of 3


    Nicely proportioned for small scale high precision work, Fujikawa mortice chisels get to depth faster than many mortice chisels I have used. With  carefully selected grade of white paper steel No.1 and a finely tuned heat treatment process.

    The set of 3 Fujikawa Japanese Mortice Chisels contains the following sizes:

    • 6mm
    • 9mm
    • 12mm

  8. Ashley Iles Pole Lathe Woodturning Tools Set 1

    Set 1 is a collection of tools for smaller turnings between centres, we recommend these tools as a starter set, you can always add a bowl gouge or some of the larger tools if you want to get more adventurous with your turning.

    The set comprises:

    • 1-1/4 inch Deep Roughing Gouge

    • 3/4 inch Skew Chisel

    • 3/8 inch Spindle Gouge

    • 3/8 inch Beading and Parting Tool

    • 1...
  9. Ashley Iles Pole Lathe Woodturning Tools Set 2

    Set 2 is a collection of tools for producing larger / longer turnings between centres, if you want to get into a bit of faceplate turning too, add a bowl gouge.

    The set comprises:

    • 1-1/2 inch Shallow Roughing Gouge

    • 1 inch Skew Chisel

    • 3/8 inch Spindle Gouge

    • 3/8 inch Beading and Parting Tool

    • 2 inch Pole Chisel

    Like all Ashley Iles...
  10. Out of Stock

    Japanese Beginners Chisels Set of 5 with FREE Tool Roll

    Making the switch to Japanese chisels can be quite a learning curve, so we asked Mr Fujikawa to make us some affordable chisels that would be easy to learn on but still suitable for lifelong use....
  11. Narex 8116 Cabinetmakers Chisels Set of 12 (natural) with FREE 18" Magnetic Tool Bar


    The 8116 series of Narex chisels are accurately ground, affordable, Cabinetmaker’s chisels with fine edges and close tolerance backs.

    Narex forge the chisel blades from Chrome Manganese (CrMn) spring steel and isothermally harden it to produce a very even and consistent bainitic structure at RC59 +/-1. In use, Chrome Manganese steel delivers similar performance to carbon steel but is more efficient to produce.


  12. Shinwa Measuring set


    The Shinwa stainless steel 150mm try square has whole mm graduations with mythology characters  decorated on the relief stock. Accurate to 1/10mm  per 10cm
    175mm x 95mm 

    The Shinwa Stainless steel Mitre Gauge 45 is double sided  with highly accurate ungraduated internal and external mitres.

  13. Shinwa Radius And Gauge set


    Set including the Shinwa A1 and A2 engineer's radius scales and the 700A taper gauge

    They are convenient gauges for measuring radii and rod diameters and gap readings.

    Hardened stainless steel with deeply etched graduations.

    Set contains:

    • Shinwa Radius Scale A-1 R 0.5 - 7
    • Shinwa Radius Scale A-2 R 8-15
    • Shinwa Taper Gauge No 700A
  14. Shinwa Hook Ruler Set


    Shinwa's signature product and their meticulous attention to quality is evident in every detail. The markings are etched to give them depthzn  black chrome plated, so they have the same low-glare corrosion resistant properties as the rest of the rule's surface.

    This rule is supplied with a movable stainless steel stop that can be hooked over an edge, used to record a set dimension, or take accurate measurements of depth from a sho...

  15. Shinwa Carpenters Square - Set of 3


    Shinwa hard chrome plated stainless steel Japanese flat carpenters square with deeply etched metric full mm graduations inside and outside on both faces. Used in the same way as a framing square, with one leg hung over an edge with its face acting as a stock.

    Set includes 1 each of the following:

    • 500mm long leg / 25cm short leg
    • 300mm long leg / 15cm short leg
    • 150mm long leg, 7.5cm short leg
  16. Ashley Iles Mk2 Bevel Edged Cabinetmakers Chisels Set of 10


    Thin, light and beautifully balanced, with fine sides and correctly flat backs, Ashley Iles Mk2 bevel edged cabinetmakers' chisels are truly in a class of their own.

    These chisels have been designed and optimised for paring work, although some gentle tapping with a mallet will do them no harm at all. The chisels are supplied with a low primary bevel angle of around 22-23 degrees, for general use we recommend honing a secondary bev...

  17. Ashley Iles Butt Chisels Set of 10


    These beautifully hand ground English chisels are perfectly designed for very accurate chopping work.

    With the heel of your hand resting on the bench and the neck of the chisel gripped lightly between thumb and forefinger, you can place a cutting edge of the chisel with absolute precision and tap it to the required depth with a small mallet.

    The compact size is perfect for chopping because you can keep both the cutt...

  18. Star M Combination Auger Bits - 7 Piece Set with Canvas Tool Roll

    Designed to be used with either a power drill or with a traditional hand brace this set of 7 longer length Japanese combination auger bits from Star-M are first-rate. These bits have a threaded centre with a rounded single spur to ensure that the edge of the hole is perfectly clean and tidy while removing the excess wood so eliminating clogging. Made for softwood and less dense hardwoods. Set includes: ...
  19. Workshop Heaven Fine Woodworking Starter Set


    Choosing which tools to buy first can be a bit daunting, especially if you are new to precision woodworking. This starter set of professional quality hand tools is designed to give you enough tools to complete a few simple projects and exercises, whilst forming a sound base of versatile tools that won't need replacing or upgrading. We haven't included a bench plane, because your physical stature is an important factor in choosing the most ...
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