Bad Axe Saws

Bad Axe Saws

Handcrafted in the town of La Crosse on the banks of the beautiful upper reaches of the Mississippi river, the lavish investment of time in the manufacture of Bad Axe saws is evident with every stroke.

Bad Axe saws are made in the American tradition for accurate, fast cutting backsaws with low hang angles and aggressive pitches. Every Bad Axe saw is individually hand filed and hammer set. Before they leave Bad Axe Tool Works, each saw is individually tested by cutting to the full depth of the saw plate in black locust wood to check that it has been tuned to perfection.

The overall standard of fit and finish is beautiful. From the polished sawplate with individually hand filed teeth, to the comfortable neatly installed handle, they are almost as impressive to look at as they are to use.

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    Bad Axe D8 Handsaw 'Henry Disston' 24in Cross cut


    150 years after Henry Disston etched the immortal words "we defy the world to produce its equal" into the plates of the original D8's (first sold as the 'No.80 choice') his challenge has been answered by Mark Harrel and the team at Bad Axe Toolworks in Wisconsin.

    Like its precursor, the Bad Axe D8 handsaw is an efficient tool for crosscutting boards to length and making partial crosscuts for housings, halving joints, saddle joints e...

  2. Bad Axe D8 Rip Saw 'Henry Disston' 24in RIP Thumbgrip Handle


    Ripping boards along their length is quite a physical activity, it is made very much easier by getting your bodyweight over the work on some nice low sawhorses, having a good secure grip on a sharp, smooth cutting saw that tracks a line accurately and finding the slowest laziest rhythm that you can sustain.

    The soul of each Bad Axe D8 handsaw is it’s hammer tensioned, tempered and taper ground 1095 spring steel saw plate. The tee...

  3. Bad Axe Stiletto Dovetail Saw 12in 15ppi Rip


    The Bad Axe Stiletto dovetail saw was developed in a collaboration between Mark Harrell and some of the top woodworkers in North America, notably Tom Fidgen of the Unplugged Woodshop. Like all Bad Axe saws it is fast, accurate and well suited to a 'get her done' approach to sawing, but there is more to this dovetail saw than meets the eye.

    Long slender dovetail saws like this were traditionally the tool of choice for production woo...

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    Bad Axe Bayonet Carcase Saw 14in 14ppi


    The bayonet is to carcase saws as the stiletto is to dovetail saws; a longer, lower, leaner version aimed squarely at the fine woodworking market.

    The long stroke brings a wonderful easy fluidity to your sawing action; it also means you can have finer teeth that leave a clean finish without compromising efficiency.

    The plate is shallow, just 2 inches below the spine, you could be forgiven for thinking this might be restrictive,...

  5. Bad Axe 16in Large Tenon Saw 12ppi


    With an impressive four inches of draught below the spine, and sixteen inches of stroke, the Bad Axe Tenon is a proper large capacity backsaw that will make short work of crosscutting your boards one minute and then sink itself spine deep to form large tenon cheeks the next.

    The handle on this saw is based on an Wheeler, Madden & Clemson design that dates from just after the American civil war. Beautifully finished and wonderful to...

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