Quangsheng Planes

Quangsheng Planes

Made to British Standards, Quangsheng planes offer outstanding quality and value for money. Now recommended by several of Britains top cabinetmaking instructors, Quangsheng planes are precision ground to better than +/-1.5 thou tolerance and fitted with superb water hardened T10 carbon steel cutting irons hardened to RC63.

Quangsheng planes use the bedrock design, which provides maximum stability and support for the cutting iron, it also allows the frog to be adjusted with the irons in place. The handles are made from selected hardwoods, set off with high quality solid brass fittings.

Every Quangsheng plane we sell is warranted against material and manufacturing defects for the rest of the customer's life.

Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.

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  1. Workshop Heaven Fine Woodworking Starter Set


    Choosing which tools to buy first can be a bit daunting, especially if you are new to precision woodworking. This starter set of professional quality hand tools is designed to give you enough tools to complete a few simple projects and exercises, whilst forming a sound base of versatile tools that won't need replacing or upgrading. We haven't included a bench plane, because your physical stature is an important factor in choosing the most ...
  2. Quangsheng No. 62 & Extra Blades Package Deal


    The Quangsheng No. 62 low angle jack is the Swiss army knife of hand planes, and an excellent choice for beginners looking for a straightforward, versatile, multi-function tool as their first premium bench plane.

    Package includes:

    • 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
    • 38deg iron for 62 Low Angle Jack Plane
    • 50deg iron for 62 Low Angle Jack Plane

  3. Quangsheng No. 5 1/2 with Free Extra Iron


    Package Includes:

    • Quangsheng 5 1/2 Bedrock Jack Plane
    • Quangsheng 2 3/8" Plane Iron


    Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.

  4. Quangsheng Bronze Spokeshave - Curved Sole


    Cast bronze with a satin finish, American cherry handles and a T10 high carbon steel blade hardened to RC 63.

    Round soled spokeshaves can cut tighter curves than flat soled ones and are typically used for shaping edges.

    Overall length 10-1/2" 

    Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.<...

  5. Quangsheng No. 101 Small Block Plane


    The baby of the block plane world, the 101 is just plain adorable! 

    The original Stanley 101 was intended for children, but the tiny plane proved so popular with modelmakers, patternmakers, musical instrument makers and other serious craftsmen that Stanley had to make some quick changes to their advertising.

    The Quangsheng 101 is much better made tool with some important differences: cast in bronze, so it can't rust,...

  6. Quangsheng Luban No. 102 Bronze Apron Plane

    Cast in bronze, this delightful little block plane is traditionally carried in the apron pocket, ready for immediate and frequent use. Compact and easy to use with one hand, it has a 25 degree T10 bevel up blade bedded at 12 degrees. Like it's larger cousins it has a 'smoother than liquid chocolate' low ratio type 3 adjuster. In the early stages of a piece, an apron plane might be used to make small adjustments to the ends of squared timbe...
  7. Quangsheng Low Angle Block Plane (Type 3)


    One of our most popular tools, the Quangsheng low angle block plane is a really useful piece of kit. Block planes tend to be among the first tools that people buy, they are a staple of the basic toolkit for most types of woodworking.

    The plane is available with three cutting irons (pictured left) giving 37, 50 and 62 degree pitches for planing endgrain, general trimming and sorting out patches of gnarly grain respectively.

  8. Out of Stock

    Quangsheng No. 1 Bailey Pattern Smoothing Plane

    Unlike its bigger brothers, and true to the Stanley original, the Quangsheng No.1 has a Bailey pattern frog and 'tap and try' lateral adjustment. All of the components are unique to this tool and are cast entirely in Bronze. Ideal for young woodworkers with small hands the No.1 is likely to become a collectable of the future. We don't expect to sell vast numbers of them, but if we can do anything to help young woodworkers persevere with the cr...
  9. Quangsheng No. 3 Bedrock Pattern Smoothing Plane

    The Quangsheng No 3 smoothing plane is a lighter, slightly narrower version of the No 4. Usually used with a three finger grip (the index finger rests on the side of the blade), the No.3 has a delicate, precise feel and is a good choice for smaller workpieces, younger woodworkers, or people with smaller hands. Smoothing planes are designed to take very fine shavings to create the final surface that you will present to your client. Their short...
  10. Quangsheng No. 4 Bedrock Pattern Smoothing Plane

    The Quangsheng No 4 smoothing plane is designed to produce a silky smooth surface ready for polishing. The short sole allows it to follow slight inconsistencies in the surface more than a long plane would. This gives it a better chance of hitting any remaining low spots and creating a flawless, even surface, without significantly altering the thickness of the component. Given the importance of their role, smoothers are very carefully set up and r...
  11. Quangsheng No. 4-1/2 Bedrock Pattern Smoothing Plane

    Larger and heavier than a No.4, the Quangsheng No.4-1/2 smoother takes the same broad 2-3/8” iron as the 5-1/2 and 6. Aside from the convenience of interchangeable irons, the main benefit of a large smoothing plane is that you can take a broader shaving, so it covers more ground in fewer passes than a 4 or 3. The other advantage is its weight – at just under 6lb it has plenty of mass, giving it the same planted feel as an infill plane. ...
  12. Quangsheng No. 5 Bedrock Pattern Jack Plane

    The Quangsheng No.5 jack plane is designed to be used across the grain, its weakest direction, to correct twists, cupping and bowing and bring the board close to the finished dimension. The blade should be honed with a camber to leave a scalloped surface, this minimises the amount of material you need to remove with the longer No.6 or No.7 planes to bring the board to size. The narrow 2" blade of the No.5 makes it easier to push so you can tak...
  13. Quangsheng No. 5-1/2 Bedrock Pattern Jack Plane

    In many ways it is better to think of the 5-1/2 as a short try plane or panel plane, rather than a broad jack plane. It takes a broad, shallow shaving, so if you work with reasonably straight or pre-machined material it will deal with small corrections on wide surfaces very efficiently. Conversely, if you work with timber that starts off like a propeller blade, the narrower No.5 honed with a steep camber and used across the grain (the traditio...
  14. Quangsheng No. 6 Bedrock Pattern Fore Plane

    The Quangsheng No.6 fore plane is the most manageable of the three types of long flattening planes. Popular with furniture makers it is a nicely sized workhorse for dressing and squaring stock accurately to dimension. The name 'fore plane' originates from an earlier application where this size of plane would have been used be'fore' the others for the cruder task of levelling off boards that had been riven (split) and then hewn with axes and a...
  15. Out of Stock

    Quangsheng No. 7 Bedrock Pattern Try Plane

    At 22 inches the No. 7 try plane is the longest of the general use handplanes. It is four and a half inches longer than a No.6 and about 400g heavier. Excellent for jointing the edges of boards. The long soles of fore planes and try planes ride over the perpendicular or diagonal furrows left after jack planing (or on a smaller scale those left by the planer thicknesser). They span the low spots and nip off the crests to bring the surface into...
  16. Quangsheng No. 8 Bedrock Pattern Jointer Plane


    The Quangsheng No.8 is a specialist tool for preparing long edges and large surfaces more accurately and in fewer strokes than any of the other metal bench planes. It is longer and heavier than planes used for day to day stock removal work, so like the smoother, it only comes out when needed, does its 'bang on straight in a few passes' thing, and gets put away again. The surface needs to be reasonably close before you even think about taking a...

  17. Quangsheng No. 62 Low Angle Jack Plane


    The Quangsheng Low Angle Jack is the Swiss army knife of hand planes, and an excellent choice for beginners looking for a straightforward, versatile, multi-function tool as their first premium bench plane.

    Since the whole point of a bevel up plane is its versatility, we supply the Quangsheng No 62 with the standard 25 degree iron and offer the option of adding the 38 degree and the 50 degree cutting irons at a special discount when pur...

  18. Quangsheng No. 043 Plough Plane


    Investment cast stainless steel replaces cast iron in this redesign of the classic No. 043 plough plane.

    The essence of the tool as a simple, fast, quiet way to create grooves for drawer bottoms, back panels, windowsills, picture frames etc is retained. But with better materials and a bit of lateral thinking, a few notable improvements have been made.

    The greater strength of steel and a clever rethink of the rear fence rod hole...

  19. Quangsheng Luban No. 91 Small Shoulder Plane

    The Quangsheng Luban No.91 shoulder plane is literally a ‘shrunk in the wash’ smaller version of the No.92, but at this scale the design works astonishingly well. Narrower and lighter than a Preston 1368 and its derivatives (Record/Clifton 410, Lie Nielsen etc), the Quangsheng, in proportional terms, feels much closer to the original slender cabinetmakers shoulder planes developed by James Syme of London. The long lever extends b...
  20. Quangsheng Luban No. 92 Shoulder Plane


    The Quangsheng Luban shoulder plane is a very precisely engineered tool.

    The body is cast from the same unbreakable CR40 alloy steel as the bench planes, it is accurately ground to a fine finish and extremely square.

    The mouth is adjustable, which in conjunction with exceptionally smooth blade adjustment gives a complete control over the cut. The adjuster is based on the same low ratio mechanism used for Quangsheng type 3...

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