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Holtey Planes

Holtey Planes

Holtey handplanes are held in great esteem, not just because they are outstanding woodworking tools, but because they are original examples of the absolute apex of the craft of plane making. I cannot think of a single modern plane maker, from the smallest workshop to the largest factory, who wouldn’t list Karl as one of their significant influences and sources of inspiration. 

Picking up where Thomas Norris left off, and then applying the benefits of 100 years of advances in engineering, his own meticulous and progressive quality standards and no small measure of innovation, Karl has repeatedly set the bar higher than any other maker in the history of the craft. 

In his own words, he is “not a manufacturer and something a little bit more than a maker”, his planes were only made in small numbers and very rarely come up for sale at all, so it is a great privilege to be able to share a few examples with you here.

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Holtey 11SA High Angle Smoother

    Designed as an outstanding tool for finishing difficult timbers in cabinet and instrument making, the 11SA has a reversible blade giving effective pitches of 59 or 89 degrees. 

Constructed in gunmetal and steel, double dovetailed together and in this example stuffed with a beautiful rippled boxwood infill, this delightful little plane will usually be the last one to touch a project, creating the all-important finished surface.

This plan...
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    Holtey No. 10 Mitre Plane


    Constructed from naval brass and stainless steel with rebated dovetails to provide additional support for the sides, the Holtey No.10 mitre plane is surface ground on all three registration surfaces for absolute precision. The infill is boxwood, which has started taking on a rich golden patina that will only continue to improve as the decades pass.

    The lever cap is not captive, so you will need to hang on to it when removing the ...

  3. Holtey A7 Shoulder Plane


    The Holtey A7 is an improved version of the Norris A7 Yorkshire pattern shoulder plane. Used for perfecting internal corners, the shoulder plane is one of those tools that
    There is a wonderful article on Karl Holtey’s blog detailing some of the complexities involved in making this remarkable plane.

    I’ve noticed a couple of slight imperfections in this example, at some stage the clamping screw on the bridge has bee...

  4. Holtey A1 Dovetailed Steel Panel Plane


    Long enough for flattening, refined enough to smoothing, the panel plane is the origin of the way modern furniture makers use jack planes set up as smoothers for preparing components to very fine tolerances.

    Styled after the Norris A1, the 14-1/2” A1 panel plane was the first type of plane that Karl Holtey made. The body of the plane is constructed by dovetailing the sides to the sole and peining the metal to create a double-...

  5. Holtey A1 Jointer Plane


    The 22-1/2” A1 Jointer is the largest standard jointer plane in the Holtey range, only a very small number of longer jointers were made as special commissions.

    The double-dovetailed steel body is made in the Norris tradition with an immaculate and precisely fitted Honduran rosewood infill. The blade sits on two very precisely positioned and levelled brass pads let into the bed of the plane, like a minutely concave frog surfac...

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    Holtey 98 Panel Plane


    The No.98 was the first plane that Karl Holtey designed completely from scratch, stripping the best ideas from infill plane construction, some concepts from history that had previously been almost entirely disregarded he combinined them into an elegantly simple design masterpiece.  

    The construction is stainless steel, with the sides invisibly screwed to the sole. The blade sits upside down, as it would in a mitre plane, with a...

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