Clifton Planes

Clifton Planes

Made in Sheffield using traditional methods and materials, Clifton planes are beautifully engineered tools.

With a lineage that stretches back through Clico, Record, C & J Hampton, Woden and back to Edward Preston & Sons of Birmingham, Clifton is truly the final distillation of British handplane making expertise.

Every Clifton plane casting is fully annealed, an expensive process that introduces greater stability than weathering and introduces strength to the grey iron without any loss of stiffness - critical in an object that you want to remain as true as possible. After careful machining the bodies are precision ground and checked to 1.5 thou in order to ensure that they will be well within the British Standard of 3 thou by the time they get to the customer - wherever in the world they may be.

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    Clifton Low Angle Block Plane (Adjustable Mouth)


    The new Clifton block plane is based on the proportions of a No. 9-1/2 low angle block plane. A little broader than the 60-1/2 with a generous cutting width of 1-5/8", they sit particularly well in a medium to large hand.

    Clifton block planes are made from vacuum cast bronze, a technique that ensures a very high integrity casting with no voids or porosity. Like the Clifton bench planes each one is individually machined and then fini...

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    Clifton No 3 Smoothing Plane

    The smallest of the Clifton range, the No 3 is a compact smoother, designed for making the final passes to produce a flawless surface. Despite being just over 2" wide the Clifton No 3 weighs a full 3lbs 12oz (1.7 Kilos) heavier than many other manufacturers No 4s. Like its big brothers the No 3 comes with a thick, cryogenic iron made from Sheffield carbon steel, with a two-piece chipbreaker that effectively laminates the iron and doubles i...
  3. Clifton No 4 Smoothing Plane

    The Clifton No 4 is the most popular size of smoothing plane. Designed to take an incredibly thin shaving from wood that has already been flattened, leaving a flawless silken surface that is ready to receive finish. At 4lbs 6oz (2kg) the Clifton No 4 is nearly half a pound heavier than its North American rivals. 9-1/2" long with a 2" cryogenic cutting iron it feels sturdy and capable from the moment you first pick it up. The bedrock frog ha...
  4. Clifton No 4 1/2 Heavy Smoothing Plane

    When it comes to dressing wide boards and panels to a standard that is ready to receive finish, look no further than the Clifton No 4-1/2. This 10-3/4" long heavyweight smoothing plane is equipped with a full 2-3/8" wide blade so you can cover a large area with fewer passes. With an authority of 5lbs 15oz (2.6 kg) the Clifton No. 4-1/2 is the heaviest in its class. The mouth should be set very fine - closed right up to around 1/64" or half ...
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    Clifton No 5 Jack Plane

    Originally designed for trimming the crests off a scrub planed board the Clifton No 5 jack plane has become the all rounder of the modern workshop. At just a hair under 14" long it is a very useful plane for flattening out problems like cupping, bowing and twist that can occur as the internal stresses are released when a board is sawn. The No. 5 is also commonly used for removing snipe, scalloping and saw marks. The mass and balance of the ...
  6. Clifton No 5 1/2 Heavy Jack Plane

    The Clifton No 5-1/2 heavy jack plane is a slightly longer, wider and heavier version of the Clifton No 5 and used for the same wide range of applications. The Clifton range of bench planes retain the full sweeping curve of the side rails from the original Bedrocks; the strengthening webs however were a later addition and although probably superfluous on a casting this thick they certainly make the castings of Clifton planes a global benchmark...
  7. Clifton No 6 Fore Plane

    18" long with a 2-3/8" blade the Clifton No. 6 fore plane is a more manageable size than a full length jointer and perfectly capable of accurately jointing edges up to 6 feet long. A beautiful plane to use and with a full 8lbs (3.7 kg) behind it, the Clifton No. 6 makes an excellent choice for shooting as well as jointing boards and flattening large panels. Like all Clifton planes, the casting is ring tested and fully stress relieved before...
  8. Clifton No 7 Try Plane

    A bench plane will flatten a surface to an accuracy equivalent to the depth of cut over the length of the sole. So the longer the plane, the greater the accuracy. At 22" (over half a metre) long, the Clifton No.7 is big, solid, accurate plane designed for flattening surfaces and preparing the edges of boards that are to be joined together. The balance of the Clifton makes it much less unwieldy than you might imagine, indeed for some woodworker...
  9. Clifton No 400 Detail Plane

    A delightful little plane for the finest delicate trimming and fitting operations, the Clifton 400 can get into all sorts of tucked away places that would normally be out of reach. The Clifton 400 is based on the classic (and rare) Preston Registered Bull Nose Rebate Plane. Like the original it has a hand fitted rosewood wedge, set using the tap and try method, and an exceptionally fine mouth, the blade however, is substantially thicker than t...
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    Clifton No 410 Shoulder Plane

    Light, narrow and extremely accurate, the Clifton 410 is a perfectly proportioned shoulder plane for one handed use. At just 11/16" (18mm) wide, the 410 is perfect for cleaning up machined rebates and housing joints as well as trimming tenons. The cutting iron is considerably thicker than both the Preston original and the later Record versions. It sits on a beautifully machined 18.5 degree bed with the unbreakable malleable iron lever arm a...
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    Clifton No 420 Shoulder Plane

    An accurate and practical shoulder plane is a must have item for producing neat, attractive, mortice and tenon joinery. Used on its side the shoulder plane takes extremely fine shavings on the endgrain of tenon shoulders. Gradually working back from the sawn surface to reveal the polished track left by your marking gauge or knife; when the track appears all the way around the shoulder you know it is perfectly square and true. The Clifton 42...
  12. Clifton No 770 Bullnose Plane

    The first new plane from Clico for some time, the Clifton no 770 fixed bullnose is a truly delightful little piece. Bullnose planes are trimming tools used for final fitting of one of the most important joints in cabinetmaking - the rebate. They are defined by their short toe which affords better access to inside corners leaving only a tiny amount to be cleaned up with a chisel. With its ultra fine mouth the bullnose produces exceptionally ...
  13. Clifton No 3110 Chisel / Bullnose / Shoulder Plane

    Configurable as either a shoulder, bullnose or chisel plane the Clifton 3110 is a very versatile piece of kit. However, the thing that makes it truly remarkable, is that in any of its 3 roles it will outperform almost every equivalent single function plane on the market. As a shoulder plane it fills the hand nicely and the generous width means it can be used for fettling the cheeks of tenons as well as the shoulders. With the shorter nosepi...
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    Clifton No 500 Convex Spokeshave

    Beloved of chairmakers the world over, the Clifton 500 is a serious production tool; equally happy taking heavy cuts to establish a shape, or taking more delicate shavings to refine a surface. Cast from spheroidal graphite iron and polished to a mirror finish, the body has a hefty feel and sits firmly on the timber. The steep 45 degree cutting angle makes deft work of knots and tricky grain. Whether you use them on the push stroke or the pu...
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    Clifton No 550 Concave Spokeshave

    The Clifton 550 concave spokeshave is a wonderful tool for working on spindles, handles, chair legs, etc. The rounded cutting edge makes it much more efficient than a flat spokeshave or drawknife on cylindrical workpieces. The body is made from unbreakable spheroidal graphite iron and has a weighty, capable feel in the hand. The thick, heavy blade is made in the same way as the other Clifton plane irons and takes a superb edge. Whether you...
  16. Clifton No 600 Flat Soled Spokeshave


    Clifton's direct lineage from Edward Preston Ltd of Birmingham is clearly evident in the design of these gorgeous spokeshaves.

    Cast from unbreakable spheroidal graphite iron, the contact surfaces are hand buffed to a bright finish in contrast with the finely precision ground cutting iron and naturally textured cast surfaces.

    The blade advance mechanism is mounted to the lever cap rather than the body, so that the blade can be s...

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    Clifton No 650 Curved Sole Spokeshave


    Clifton's direct lineage from Edward Preston Ltd of Birmingham is clearly evident in the design of these gorgeous spokeshaves.

    Cast from unbreakable spheroidal graphite iron, the contact surfaces are hand buffed to a bright finish in contrast with the finely precision ground cutting iron and naturally textured cast surfaces.

    The blade advance mechanism is mounted to the lever cap rather than the body, so that the blade can be s...

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