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Gyokucho Select Pruning Saws: Set of 3

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Gyokucho Select Pruning Saws: Set of 3


Gyokucho set of 3 Pruning saws, perfect for gardening and general horticulture. Each one comes with its own protective holster.

Gyokucho Takehiki 152

A compact but remarkably efficient saw is designed to cut tough fibrous plant stems like vines, roses and even bamboo cleanly and efficiently without tearing the delicate outer skin.

The teeth on Gyokucho saws are tough, extremely sharp and hold their edge for years (replacement blades are available when you eventually need them). The blade is nickel plated for corrosion protection and a silky smooth, almost frictionless cut.

  •     Blade Length: 200mm
  •     Blade Thickness: 0.70mm
  •     Cutting width: 1.00mm
  •     Teeth Pitch: 1.5mm/ 16.9tpi

Gyokucho Kaju 166

Medium teeth for fruit tree, pruning, trimming, gardening & green wood -  an exceptionally smooth cutting professional quality Japanese pullsaw.

The combination of a relief ground sawplate, the special hijirime tooth design and extreme sharpness result in a saw that cuts so smoothly that the rest of the tree barely moves while your chosen branch is cut away. The Kaju cuts with very little effort and leaves a remarkably smooth surface, giving a satisfyingly neat finish and reducing the possibility of the tree becoming diseased.

The handle is forged from aluminium, overmoulded with a special textured plastic. Although incredibly light in weight, it feels solid, secure and purposeful and remains grippy even when wet.

  •     Blade Length: 250mm
  •     Blade Thickness: 0.7mm
  •     Cutting width: 1.00mm
  •     Teeth Pitch: 2.5mm/ 10tpi

The Gyokucho Sentei 175

A very fast, smooth cutting professional quality Japanese pullsaw with a nice long stroke for quickly and cleanly pruning and limbing larger trees.

The blade is taper ground and nickel plated for a silky smooth, almost frictionless cut. The large crosscut teeth are individually case hardened leaving the body of the tooth tough with an extremely hard cutting surface. The teeth are extremely sharp, producing a clean, almost planed surface that reduces the risk of the living tree becoming diseased. As well as reducing friction the nickel plating shrugs off resin and provides excellent corrosion protection.

  •     Blade Length: 300mm
  •     Blade Thickness: 1.1mm
  •     Cutting width: 1.15mm
  •     Teeth Pitch: 4.0mm/ 6.4tpi

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