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Gyokucho 291 Compact Ryoba Evagrip 180mm

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Brand Gyokucho
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The Gyokucho 180 Series of small professional quality Japanese saws are made to the same exacting standards as their larger counterparts. Perfect for toolbox use – giving you the same Gyokucho accuracy you enjoy in the workshop in situations where you have to take the tools to the job. They are also excellent saws for younger woodworkers, efficient, easy to control, and very precise.

The 291 compact Ryoba is used for much the same work as a western tenon saw, it has progressive rip teeth on one edge and 1.5mm/17tpi crosscut teeth on the other – ideal for tenons, saddle joints, lap joints etc.

The sturdy evagrip handles are made from a specially developed plastic that is hard and durable, yet feels soft and grippy to the touch. With appropriate care the nickel plated blades last for a very long time, it is not uncommon for us to supply first replacement blades for Gyokucho saws between 7 and 15 years old.

  • Blade length: 180mm
  • Overall length: 390mm
  • Blade thickness: 0.5mm
  • Blade depth: 55mm to 75mm
  • Crosscut pitch: 1.5mm / 17tpi
  • Progressive rip pitch: 3mm to 4mm / 9 to 8 tpi
  • Set: 0.125mm per side
  • Max depth of cut = unlimited
  • Evagrip handle
  • Replacement blade = Part No S291



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You're reviewing: Gyokucho 291 Compact Ryoba Evagrip 180mm

Gyokucho 291 Compact Ryoba Evagrip 180mm

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