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Gyokucho 1151 Double Edged Flush Cutting Saw 125mm

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Gyokucho 1151 Double Edged Flush Cutting Saw 125mm

Flush cutting saws are delicate precision tools used for cutting plugs, dowels, wooden nails and through tenons flush with the surrounding surface.

The crosscut teeth of this saw have absolutely no set, so they do not scratch the surface. The blade is only 0.3mm thick and extremely flexible, light pressure with the index finger of your other hand is all that is required to hold the blade down onto the workpiece and achieve a truly flush cut.

  • Blade length 125mm

  • Overall length 270mm

  • Blade thickness 0.3mm

  • Pitch 1mm x 1.3mm 25 x 20 tpi

  • Set 0.00mm per side

  • Beech wood handle

  • Non-replaceable blade

Customer Reviews

Written by: Ken
Great flush cutting saw
Great flush cutting saw, super sharp and it dose leave things flush with no scratching. Let the saw do the work and it cuts with ease, it feels very nice in the hand, I like it a lot. As always great service from these guys.
Written by: Mike Chamberlain
Gyokucho 1151 Double egded flush cutting saw 125mm
I found this saw to be very good, very sharp and easy to use
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