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Gifts under £50

Gifts under £50

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  1. Gyokucho 372 Professional Rip Tooth Dozuki 240mm


    The Gyokucho 372 dozuki is gaining quite a reputation as 'the one to have' for fine joinery.

    The pitch is 1.3mm, the replaceable blade is 240mm long and 55mm deep making it an ideal choice for small tenon cheeks, with a guide block or small magnetic guide for dovetailing and is set in a traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wood handle.

  2. Starrett 277-3 Three Inch Dividers

    There is no reason on earth for dividers to be this gorgeous - Starrett 277's are a luxurious treat, plain and simple. The slight bow of the legs, like a ballerina poised 'en pointe', tips crossing by a fraction of a millimetre. The unnecessary but gorgeous radiused edges on the fulcrum bobbin and bowspring, the use of a self-lubricating engineering plastic for obscenely smooth and precise adjustment... Sometimes it's just nice to have some...
  3. Simon James Holdfasts (Pair) with Free 19mm Auger


    Supplied in pairs, these wonderful holdfasts are made by engineer turned cabinetmaker and author Simon James, they have been very cleverly designed with careful attention paid to finding the optimal combination of angles, arm length and temper to work in any solid benchtop, apron or leg from 1" to 4" thick.

    They function superbly, and can almost be set with hand pressure alone, so with a bosh from a mall...

  4. Higonokami Blue Paper Folding Pocket Knife


    This is a genuine handmade Higonokami knife, made by Mr Nagao, the last remaining blacksmith in the guild that is allowed to make Higonokami. They are a simple, cleverly designed, hardworking tool that has remained virtually unchanged in over 160 years. 

    For those that prefer a little more luxury in their rustic pocket knife, the Blue Paper Higonokami has a laminated blade made from the famous Hitachi Yasuki ‘blue paper&rsqu...

  5. Out of Stock

    Quangsheng Luban 3 Piece Marking Knife Set


    A set of three woodworking knives made from M2 tungsten molybdenum steel, hardened to RC 59-62. 

    The hafted handles are made from pakkawood - a resin stabilised wood composite, with solid brass rivets and spacers.

    The set includes left bevel and right bevel which are very acceptable marking knives but are also ideal for carving and shaping or for making heavier cuts in leather or veneer. The spear point has shallower be...

  6. Quangsheng Bronze Spokeshave - Curved Sole


    Cast bronze with a satin finish, American cherry handles and a T10 high carbon steel blade hardened to RC 63.

    Round soled spokeshaves can cut tighter curves than flat soled ones and are typically used for shaping edges.

    Overall length 10-1/2" 

    Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.<...

  7. Quangsheng Marking Gauge

    Turned from solid brass with a hardwood infill, this achingly beautiful and superbly accurate marking gauge from Quangsheng is around twice the weight of comparable tools. The stainless steel bar with accurate etched graduations makes what engineers would describe as a 'close sliding fit' within the body of the gauge. The fence is recessed, allowing the cutter to be withdrawn safely inside the head and it also has a very discrete micro adju...
  8. Out of Stock

    Gyokucho 616 Ryoba Seiun Sako (re-saw) 300mm

    The Gyokucho 616 Ryoba is a big Japanese saw suitable for large scale joinery, resawing and dimensioning boards. The 300mm long blade has aggressive tooth patterns on both edges - one for crosscutting, the other for ripping. In either direction it will happily whizz through 4" of beech with impunity. When first starting out with a saw this big, it really pays to take your time and let the saw do the work. The blades of Gyokucho saws are ...
  9. Quangsheng Bronze Spokeshave - Satin Finish


    Spokeshaves are, in essence, very short soled planes for working curved surfaces. Used for refining convex, biconvex, slightly concave, and concave/convex surfaces after initial shaping with the bandsaw and rasps.

    This delightful 10-1/2in (overall length) Quangsheng spokeshave is cast from bronze, with a satin finish, and a T10 cutting iron hardened to RC60-63.

    Spokeshaves are lovely tools to use, especially when yo...

  10. Fujikawa Professional Oire Nomi Japanese Chisel 9mm


    Fujikawa use a specially selected grade of Hitachi White Paper Steel No1 hardened to RC68, to make the hagane layer that forms the back and the cutting edge and fitted in a Japanese Red Oak handle.

    The manufacturers recommend honing a single flat bevel, following the optimal 34 degree angle that the tools are ground to when supplied.

  11. Out of Stock

    Iwasaki Carving File Flat Bastard 250mm IW-250FB

    The Iwasaki IW-250FB (250mm, flat, bastard cut) is a beast of a dreadnaught file. It's aggressive, razor sharp teeth remove material at an alarming rate, yet are still capable of producing an astonishingly smooth, almost polished surface. Ideal for heavier stock removal tasks, taking the corners off turning blanks, architectural work, timber framing, and great for chamfering and squaring up the ends of larger blanks when preparing stock. Iw...
  12. Narex Carpenters Side Axe Right Handed

    1.2Kg engineered carpenters axe with offset blade and nail pullers incorporated into the poll and beard. Used in pairs for trimming and dressing large green wood beams and boards, and singly for roughing out blanks from green wood rounds. For smaller work, where you are moving the workpiece relative to the axe, a right handed person would use an 890801. CrMn blade hardened to RC 59-61, with a 400mm beech cowfoot handle secured with ring w...
  13. Out of Stock

    Quangsheng Brass Chisel Hammer Short 18oz (500g)

    In essence every hammer is a tool for multiplying force, but in the gentle pursuit of fine woodworking, a high degree of control is a more pressing priority than sheer blunt force. These beautiful solid brass chisel hammers provide adequate oomph for light chopping, assembly and other joinery tasks but also the necessary precision to approach a finished dimension with accuracy and confidence. The handles are shaped from beech and fill the ...
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