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Gifts for Cabinetmakers

Gifts for Cabinetmakers

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  1. Out of Stock

    Pax 1776 14 inch 15tpi Heavy Tenon Saw (crosscut)


    Commissioned by Workshop Heaven and intended specifically for the cabinetmaking market, the new Pax 1776 heavy tenon saws are toothed for working in hardwoods. The blade is a full 14 inches long for smooth, flowing strokes and has a generous 3-1/2 inch depth. The heavy, hand polished, folded brass back gives the saw its power, once the kerf is established you can allow the full weight of the saw to rest on the timber and just let it purr throu...

  2. Marples Beech Wood Handled Cabinet Screwdrivers Pozidrive - Set of 3


    Customers were so pleased with the feel of Marples traditional screwdrivers that they asked for pozidrive version too.

    The traditional oval section handle gives these screwdrivers a lovely weight and the natural feel of an older and more traditional wooden handled screwdriver.


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  3. Marples Beech Wood Handled Cabinet Screwdrivers Flat - set of 6


    A traditional sturdy handmade Sheffield screwdriver, hand forged for strength, freehand ground and fitted with a traditional oval section beech handle that fills the hand – reducing fatigue and providing plenty of torque.

    The blades of these screwdrivers are ground freehand from a forged blank, the work is done by eye, without the aid of jigs or fixtures. Critical surfaces like the parallelism and spacing of the two faces of...

  4. Out of Stock

    Bad Axe D8 Rip Saw 'Henry Disston' 24in RIP Thumbgrip Handle


    The Bad Axe D8 handsaw is it’s hammer tensioned, tempered and taper ground 1095 spring steel saw plate. The five teeth per inch (6ppi)teeth are hand filed to joint and hammer set, so each one works in harmony with its neighbours and takes an equal share of the work giving an aggressive configuration that takes a generous bite and has plenty of space in the gullets to clear the swarf.

    The hickory handle shape is classic Disston, e...

  5. Bad Axe D8 Handsaw 'Henry Disston' 24in Cross cut


    The Bad Axe D8 handsaw is an efficient tool for crosscutting boards to length and making partial crosscuts for housings, halving joints, saddle joints etc.

    The hammer tensioned, tempered and taper ground 1095 spring steel saw plate is beautifully finished with a detailed etch. The eight teeth per inch (9ppi) teeth are hand filed to joint and hammer set giving a fast, smooth cutting action and an accurately plumb cut on a wide range of...

  6. Out of Stock

    Bad Axe Bayonet Carcase Saw 14in 14ppi


    The bayonet is to carcase saws as the stiletto is to dovetail saws; a longer, lower, leaner version aimed squarely at the fine woodworking market.

    The long stroke brings a wonderful easy fluidity to your sawing action; it also means you can have finer teeth that leave a clean finish without compromising efficiency.

    Our stock Bad Axe bayonet carcass comes with a regular hickory handle, gun blued back and brass medallion and scre...

  7. Workshop Heaven Scary Sharpening Kit (Magnum) + Richard Kell No. 2


    Workshop Heaven Scary Sharpening Kit (Magnum) with Richard Kell No. 2 Honing Guide contains:

    • 470mm wide block  10mm thick float glass.
    • Suede anti-skid mat
    • 2 sheets each of 40 micron, 30 micron, 15 micron and 9 micron, pressure sensitive adhesive backed, aluminium oxide microfinishing film.
    • 2 sheets each of 3 micron and 1 micron lapping film.
    • 1 sheet of 100 micron microfinishing film
  8. Starrett 10MH-150 Metric Student Combination Square 150mm

    A small, simplified combination square, specifically designed to make Starrett accuracy and quality available to students at a price they can afford. No bubble, no scriber, the 150mm blade is not interchangeable with standard size ones. Both sides of the hardened steel blade are engraved with full mm on one edge, half mm on the other. Precision ground cast head with crinkle finish. Packaging: cardboard box...
  9. Out of Stock

    Starrett 277-6 Six Inch Dividers

    There is no reason on earth for dividers to be this gorgeous - Starrett 277's are a luxurious treat, plain and simple. The slight bow of the legs, like a ballerina poised 'en pointe', tips crossing by a fraction of a millimetre. The unnecessary but gorgeous radiused edges on the fulcrum bobbin and bowspring, the use of a self-lubricating engineering plastic for obscenely smooth and precise adjustment... Sometimes it's just nice to have some...
  10. Out of Stock

    BESSEY, GK30 Gift Set

    Bessey GK-Set, contains 2 x GK 30's and a Bessey multi tool DBST. ...
  11. Out of Stock

    Rickerby Tools Wenge and Curly Maple Winding Sticks - Pair


    Winding sticks are a traditional workshop aid used for inspecting a board for wind (twist) in its length.

    Handmade in Peterborough from loft matured wenge and curly maple, these beautifully crafted winding sticks are match planed in pairs and ready for use....

  12. Gyokucho TS129 Ultra Thin Precision Dozuki

    Regular Price: £94.50

    Special Price £85.05

    Beautifully presented in a gift box, the Gyokucho TS129 Kami No Utsuwa Dozuki is an exquisitely refined saw for first class precision joinery....
  13. Shinwa Pocket Microscope 60x-100x with LED Light


    Sometimes it's really useful to get a really close look at a surface; comparing the scratch patterns left by different sharpening stones, or perhaps encouraging youngsters to explore a fascination with nature?

    This simple but effective pocket sized microscope from Japanese metrology specialists Shinwa (the people who make those really nice squares and rules) is adjustable to give 60x to 100x magnification, as handy as a Jewellers lo...

  14. Starrett 798B 6/150 Water Resistant Digital Caliper


    Starrett 798-6/150 digital calipers are water restistant (and therefore dust resistant) they are consistent, accurate and reliable.

    Precision ground from hardened stainless steel.

    Capacity 0-6 inch / 150mm

    Display resolution 0.0005 inch / 0.01mm (half thou inches / hundredths of mm)

    Measuring accuracy Inches +/- 0.001 inch at up to 4 inch, +/- 0.0015 inch at 4 inch to 6 inch.

    Measuring accura...

  15. Workshop Heaven Cabinetmakers Mallet Wild Olive & Satinwood


    Made exclusively for Workshop Heaven in Birmingham England by a small family firm from specially selected pieces taken from our stock of fine native and exotic timbers.
    Finished with anti friction oil
    * Overall length: 245mm
    * Head Diameter: 105mm

  16. Workshop Heaven Cabinetmakers Satinwood & Wild Olive


    Made exclusively for Workshop Heaven in Birmingham England by a small family firm from specially selected pieces taken from our stock of fine native and exotic timbers.
    Finished with anti friction oil
    * Overall length: 245mm
    * Head Diameter: 105mm

  17. Out of Stock

    Marples Rosewood Panel Gauge 24" (600mm)


    Panel gauges are similar in principle to marking gauges but larger, allowing wider boards and panels to be marked parallel to a prepared reference edge. Plane down to the line and you know that the edges are parallel, straight, and that the board is uniform in width.

  18. Narex Chisels - 8132 Paring Chisel Set of 3 (natural)



    Like our other ranges of Narex chisels, the 8132 paring chisels are forged from CrMn high carbon steel and isothermally hardened to RC59.

    One of the key advantages of isothermal hardening is that it introduces significantly less distortion than cold quenching, so it is the perfect method for making long, flat, slender paring chisels.

    All three sizes of paring chisel are 15" (380mm) long overall, 9" (230mm) of which is usabl...
  19. Moore & Wright Measuring Set


    Set includes:

    Moore & Wright 400 series BS939 DIN875 Grade B 4" Engineers' Square 100mm/4"
    Moore & Wright Dividers 150mm/6"
    Moore & Wright ER112 Steel Engineers Rule 300mm/12" 
    Moore & Wright ER106F Steel Engineers Rule 150mm/6"

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