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Gifts for Bodgers

Gifts for Bodgers

Bodging - a traditional woodturning craft, which predominantly uses green (unseasoned) wood.  An activity often practiced in the woods where the wood is felled to make cylindrical parts of chairs, like legs and spindles.

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  1. Out of Stock

    Ashley Iles Pole Lathe Shallow Roughing Gouge 1-1/2 inch

    The shallow roughing gouge, as the name suggests, is used to bring the rough blank down to a smooth even cylinder.

    The shallow gouge takes a broad light cut, it gets through material quickly and leaves a reasonably level surface - ideal for turning larger blanks.

    When used canted over this tool is also capable of producing an extremely fine finish.
  2. Japanese Hatchet


    Used for light accurate work, splitting kindling, carving etc, a good hatchet should feel nimble and precise, a really good one will also take a razor edge and hold it for a decent length of time.

    This delightfully comfortable Japanese hatchet is as close to perfect as any small axe I have ever used. The head weight is the same as a typical 16oz claw hammer, being balanced further forward it feels a little bit heavier, but that should ...

  3. Out of Stock

    Japanese Splitting Axe


    Japanese splitting axes have a different head shape from most Europen and American axes, splitting hammers and mauls. Evolved for the smaller oriental stature, they tend to have slightly lighter heads compensated for by longer handles, and are therefore less fatiguing to use. At the business end, the energy of the swing and the mass of the head is all focussed on a small convex ground beak at the tip of the tool that forces the wood fibres apa...

  4. Out of Stock

    Japanese Forest Axe


    Light enough to carry into the forest, yet capable of felling and limbing small trees up to around 9" diameter, splitting kindling or short straight grained rounds, the forest axe is a versatile general purpose tool for "if you can only take one axe with you" situations.

    Because this axe can be used for light splitting, the cheeks are important working surfaces too, so a solid steel head is used in preferance to a laminated one. The st...

  5. Out of Stock

    Japanese Carpenters Axe

    With its straight edge and concave cheeks, the Japanese double bevelled carpenters axe is perfectly suited for accurate work; trimming to size, cutting joints and light hewing. An essential time saving tool for timber framers, it is also an excellent choice of axe for workshop use, filling the gap between 'too much to plane but not enough to saw'. Carpenters axes are cutting tools, like chisels and planes they should always be kept sharp and ...
  6. Kanenori Japanese Nata Billhook 180mm

    the Japanese nata is serious multi-purpose green woodworking tool. Like billhooks everywhere they are produced in a bewildering variety of shapes, but these were recommended to us as being the most suitable for making things (as opposed to agricultural and horticultural uses). Like many green woodworking tools they are relatively ineffective on dry hardwoods but will sail through green ash or sycamore beautifully....
  7. Out of Stock

    Clifton No 650 Curved Sole Spokeshave


    Clifton's direct lineage from Edward Preston Ltd of Birmingham is clearly evident in the design of these gorgeous spokeshaves.

    Cast from unbreakable spheroidal graphite iron, the contact surfaces are hand buffed to a bright finish in contrast with the finely precision ground cutting iron and naturally textured cast surfaces.

    The blade advance mechanism is mounted to the lever cap rather than the body, so that the blade can be s...

  8. ARNO Framing Chisels Set of 4


    Bombproof all-steel chisels with blade and handle ground out of a single forging. Designed for professional timber framers and used all over Europe, these tools will take a superb edge and in normal use, hold it all day long.

    Alternatively they can be used as a set of rough, tough 'abusing chisels' to do all the jobs that you wouldn't dream of doing with your nice ones - prying, demolition etc.

    The set includes 40mm, 30mm, 25mm...

  9. Sashi Nomi Japanese Framers Paring Slick 54mm

    This beautiful laminated Japanese timber framer's slick chisel is used for fine tuning large scale joinery. Made by the same guys that produce our Japanese paring chisels, some will be marked and others not, depending on the seniority of the smith that made them, but all have been inspected and passed by a master Japanese blacksmith. The blade is canted to clear the neck and handle, so the effective cutting depth is unlimited. Overall...
  10. Out of Stock

    Quangsheng Bronze Spokeshave - Satin Finish


    Spokeshaves are, in essence, very short soled planes for working curved surfaces. Used for refining convex, biconvex, slightly concave, and concave/convex surfaces after initial shaping with the bandsaw and rasps.

    This delightful 10-1/2in (overall length) Quangsheng spokeshave is cast from bronze, with a satin finish, and a T10 cutting iron hardened to RC60-63.

    Spokeshaves are lovely tools to use, especially when yo...

  11. Out of Stock

    Ashley Iles Pole Lathe Skew Chisel 1 inch

    There is nothing like a wonderfully sharp carbon steel skew chisel for producing a clean glossy finished surface on the wood. The tool is usually used on its side, short edge at the bottom, and cuts with the lower half of the edge. With the skew inverted, the tip can be used to carve in crisp features like lines and v grooves.

    Ashley Iles round the edges of the skew chisel so that it rides easily along the tool rest without snagging.
  12. Narex Spoon Making Carving Tool - Double Edge

    Narex Spoon Making Carving Tool - Double Edge...
  13. Narex Spoon Making Carving Tool - Small Right

    Narex Spoon Making Carving Tool - Small Right...
  14. Gyokucho Plant Hunter Mini 100mm

    A pocket sized folding pullsaw for green wood with fine komame pattern teeth that leave an exceptionally smooth finish....
  15. Gyokucho 152 Select Takehiki Pruning Saw 200mm (Fine)

    Regular Price: £27.50

    Special Price £24.75

    A compact but remarkably efficient saw for gardening and horticulture, the Gyokucho Takehiki is designed to cut tough fibrous plant stems like vines, roses and even bamboo cleanly and efficiently without tearing the delicate outer skin....
  16. Gyokucho 175 Select Sentei Pruning Saw 300mm (Coarse)

    Regular Price: £37.95

    Special Price £34.16

    A landscapers dream saw, the Gyokucho Sentei is a very fast, smooth cutting professional quality Japanese pullsaw with a nice long stroke for quickly and cleanly pruning and limbing larger trees....
  17. Gyokucho 166 Select Kaju Pruning Saw 250mm (Medium)

    Regular Price: £29.50

    Special Price £26.55

    Designed specifically for pruning fruit trees, the Gyokucho Kaju is an exceptionally smooth cutting professional quality Japanese pullsaw....
  18. Out of Stock

    Quangsheng Bronze Spokeshave - Curved Sole


    Cast bronze with a satin finish, American cherry handles and a T10 high carbon steel blade hardened to RC 63.

    Round soled spokeshaves can cut tighter curves than flat soled ones and are typically used for shaping edges.

    Overall length 10-1/2" 

    Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.<...

  19. Narex 'Start' Spoon Carving Set

    Regular Price: £69.90

    Special Price £59.95

    Spoon carving is a lovely quiet self contained corner of the higly addictive craft of wood carving. You don't need many tools but as always its much easier if they are of good quality and nice and sharp. With a little bit of practice you will soon be able to produce a very acceptable spoon. This set from Narex is designed for complete beginners, it comes with instructions and a roughed out blank of easy carving lime wood so you can get going s...
  20. Jon Mac Bushcraft Auger Set


    Developed in collaboration with carving instructor Jon Mac, this kit was designed as a backpackable lightweight drill set for drilling a sensible range of hole sizes in wood when you are off grid.

    The ability to drill holes in a bushcraft situation can be quite liberating, you can make holes for lanyards and lashings, tap trees for sap, use mortice and tenon joinery for shelters, stools, cooking stands… In fact, it’s proba...

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