Fedeca Large Santoku Kitchen Knife Kit

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The Fedeca Large Santoku Knife Kit provides everything you need to make your own Santoku kitchen knife. Designed as a first knifemaking project to help beginners achieve a superb result first time around, you don't need any heat treatment or forging equipment, belt grinder or anything. A vice and a couple of sharp files are helpful but not essential.

The soul of any knife is its blade, so Fedeca use a fully ground, heat treated and sharpened blade of "silver paper steel No.3" - a laminated stainless steel with a core layer of VG-10. Whether you choose to give it a rustic or refined appearance is down to your personal tastes, but the result will always be a very high performance knife.

It comes in a lovely presentation box complete with all the fittings and instructions.

  • Blade length:172mm
  • Overall length of finished knife: 296mm
  • Handle: Burmese teak
  • Fixings: Pre-polished Stainless Steel bolster & pommel, attachment screws, square tang, hex key & x2 sanding sheets

Note: This knife is NOT dishwasher safe.

A sharpening video by Ardennes Coticule.