Fedeca Advanced Craft Knife Kit


This latest kit from Fedeca is perfect to help with the process of making your first knife as easy and successful as possible.

The soul of any knife is the steel composition and heat treatment of the blade, so no economies have been made there; laminated Japanese powder metallurgy steel carefully hardened and tempered to give a tough, razor sharp, long lasting edge. The blade is ground with an offset double bevel sounds complicated but it is an absolute doddle to maintain and will carve beautifully. The rest of the blade is blued to give it a reasonable degree of corrosion protection, it is already sharpened and the edge can be maintained with a light stropping on the inside of a leather belt. It has the benefit of a full length tang for added strength.

The cheeks of the handle are already cut to size from good quality magnolia, you just carefully cut them out with the knife blade, trim away the excess and carve the outside corners into neat bevels. This can then be completed with a finish of your choice.

The handles can then be sanded smooth with the included sandpaper before attaching them, with the supplied small screwdriver, to the blade with solid brass cutlers bolts through the pre-drilled holes.

The finished knife is a wonderful shape for whittling and carving with a deep swoop on the back of the blade to rest your thumb on, there is also a handy loop at the back to attach a lanyard if you wish and the added security of a vegan leather sheath. The knife making kit comes wrapped up in a lovely brown paper packet a perfect gift.

The knife making kit contains everything you need to make the knife:

  • Powder HSS full tang steel knife blade
  • Magnolia handle
  • Sandpaper
  • Rivets
  • Steel plate for screwing rivets
  • Vegan leather sheath