Cutlers Rivet Brass 6 mm Group

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Cutlers Rivet Brass 6mm x 8mm


Used for the assembly of tool or knife handle scales, cutlers rivets are a very neat, clean looking, permanent fixing. These ones are quite chunky suitable for machetes and larger knives or tools.

They can also be used for other applications where you need to join thin components made of wood, metal, plastic, leather, or for decorative purposes.

Each cutlers brass rivet consists of a male and female half, these are hammered together through pre-drilled holes in the handle. If using material that can split, remember to allow half a mm of clearance for the rivet shaft to swell slightly when assembled.

Within reason the rivets can be cut, ground or filed to length, it's a bit of a fiddly job but not too bad if you're only doing a couple of them.

The heads are normally let into the surface and then sanded flush to leave a neat circle.

  • Shaft diameter 3 mm
  • Head diameter: 6 mm
  • Length: 8mm
  • Maximum thickness to join: 11mm
  • Sold as a pair, male and female

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