Crimson Guitar Jewellers /Inlay Cutting Bench Jig - Elm

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Crimson V-Slot Jig - Elm / Sapele


V-slot boards are used in combination with a jewellers saw for supporting small workpieces - marquetry, inlays, jewellery etc as they are sawn. It is extremely close work, so ergonomics and body position have a critical effect on the quality of the outcome and how long you can work for.

The advantage of these boards (apart from being drop dead gorgeous) is that they can be clamped in the front vice of a workbench and adjusted for height, so you can get everything set up comfortably. Sometimes the cleverest ideas are also the simplest.

Beautifully made using instrument grade hardwoods, the 12mm thick vertical leg is much more rigid than I expected and they work remarkably well.

Handcrafted at Crimson Guitars in Dorset, England

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