Workshop Heaven Hand Stitched Round Rasp 150mm No7

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Workshop Heaven Hand Stitched Round Rasp 150mm No7 (70tcm)

Round rasps are excellent for opening out and softening the shape of holes in a drilled blank and other tight internal curves.

150mm from shoulder to tip, 6mm diameter tapering down to 3.5mm at the tip.

Fitted with a Holtzapffel pattern walnut handle.

Each Workshop Heaven hand stitched rasp begins life as a forged and annealed blank of high carbon tool steel is carefully ground and ‘fined’ to a smooth surface before being strapped to a soft anvil to have their teeth individually raised or ‘stitched’ one by one with a special punch and a curved filemakers hammer. 
 The handles are turned from English walnut with brass ferrules to a 200 year old Holtzappfel pattern, individually fitted and set by hand for a comfortable, elegant and secure grip.

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