Common Beech Plane Makers Blank Grade 1 Quartersawn Grain

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Beech Plane Makers Blank Grade 1 Quartersawn (oversized)

Common Beech - Fagus Sylvatica

A good wooden hand plane blank should be quartersawn from the outer heartwood of the tree, the growth rings should run across the blank from side to side, with the outside of the tree forming the sole. Only about 10% of the blanks we receive are up to standard for plane making so we list them separately.

This timber is kiln dried, some species like oak, ash and walnut become embrittled and unpleasant to work by hand after kilning but on beech the change is almost imperceptible – still smooth and creamy to work.

Ideally a plane body should be oil seasoned – submerged in raw linseed for a year or more. A similar result can be obtained by regular generous oiling and wrapping in cling film – don’t use rags as they can spontaneously combust.

Each blank is large enough to yield a full size 24” x 3-1/2” jointer or 22” x 3-1/4” try plane, plus some left over for a three finger grip handle and a wedge. I would suggest cutting the end off first so that you don’t lose any height on the offcut when planing to dimension.

Alternatively you could get a 16” x 3” jack or badger plus a matching smoother with enough for the handle and wedges, or three 9-1/2” blanks for smoothers or moulding planes, all with virtually no waste.

100 x 100 x 1125mm (just a hair under 4” x 4” x 44.5”)

Origin: France


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