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Fujikawa Tateguya Nomi Japanese Mortice Chisel Set of 3

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Brand Fujikawa
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Mr Fujikawa's grandfather was a mortice chisel specialist and made little else. The benefit of his in depth knowledge and experience is reflected in these superbly hand forged and ground tateguya nomi.

Nicely proportioned for small scale high precision work, Fujikawa mortice chisels get to depth faster than any other mortice chisels I have used. The secret to their performance lies in a carefully selected grade of white paper steel No.1 and a finely tuned heat treatment process. The mortice chisel blades are 'pinched' at the neck, and are designed to be held at this point with the heel of the hand resting on the workpiece when positioning the chisel. Once the cut is established you can move your grip up to the handle and chommel out the waste.

Working with lighter blows, more speed, more control and less fatigue makes this classic joint a pleasure to cut.

As with all handmade products there will be slight variations from the nominal dimension. Following standard best practice by using the chisel itself to gauge the joint will result in a perfect fit every time.

The set of 3 Fujikawa Japanese Mortice Chisels contains the following sizes:

  • 6mm
  • 9mm
  • 12mm

Regular price of chisels if purchased individually: £140.30



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You're reviewing: Fujikawa Tateguya Nomi Japanese Mortice Chisel Set of 3

Fujikawa Tateguya Nomi Japanese Mortice Chisel Set of 3