Brass Y-Lever

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Replacement Y lever to fit Quangsheng planes

Plane manufacturers intentionally use weak materials for the Y-Lever so that it will fail before anything more expensive if the plane is adjusted with the lever cap screw set too tightly - the correct setting is 'just enough' to stop the blade from shifting in use.

Quangsheng use the same dimensions as the original Stanley bedrocks but a little bit longer so that they can engage the cap iron through a 3mm thick blade.

Will it fit my plane? It's a Stanley

Stanley have been making metallic bench planes for over 150 years, they have been made in different factories, in different countries and copied by hundreds of other companies. Had everyone all stuck absolutely rigidly to every detail and dimension of Leonard Bailey's original specifications then the answer would be yes.

For the tiny handful of cases where for one reason or another people didn't, we also stock an oversize casting that you can file to shape yourself.