Buy The Best Tools You Can Afford

Adages are finely distilled information passed down through multiple generations, wisdom in its purest form; brief, succinct, easily remembered, and unlike the modern ‘sound bite’ they have a remarkable tendency to be true.

 Lets drill down into that old adage "always buy the best tools you can afford" by being very specific about what it isn’t

 *     *     *


It isn’t: ‘buy as many tools as you can afford - A line of twenty abused No.4’s will not serve you better than one good one.


It isn’t: ‘buy cheap tools to begin with and then replace them when your skills justify it’ - The greater investment is the time you spend becoming intuitive with that particular tool, so choose one that will see you through and practice with it.


It isn’t: ‘buy the best gadgets you can afford’ - Almost nothing we sell was invented in the last 100 years, the rare exceptions have to be just that - exceptional.


It isn’t: ‘buy the most expensive tools you can - People’s budgets vary, so we single out the two sweet spots: the best quality available (which isn’t always the dearest) and the best bang for your buck. 


*     *     *


If other people want to be the most expensive, the cheapest, the biggest or the most profitable then good luck to them; at Workshop Heaven we will concentrate on serving those craftspeople who just want to buy the best tools they can afford. 

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