Bad Axe Bench Hook Set Left Handed


Bench hooks are endlessly useful and quickly become an integral part of the way you work. Usually a shop made fixture, they are used to hold the workpiece square and slightly above the surface of the bench for crosscutting, the saw passes right through the workpiece and into the bench hook, so they do eventually get mashed up on the corner. The boards are double sided, so when one side gets chewed, you just flip it over and start again, if you are still alive by the time the second side wears out, saw the whole edge off, cut a new shoulder on the fence and away you go again.

Handmade in Wisconsin from solid quartersawn American oak, Bad Axe tool works bench hooks are made exactly the way you would make them at home. Full width housing joints hold the fences square to the board and brace it for added stiffness.

A nice touch is that they have added saw kerfs at -45, 90 and +45 in the fences for mitre box work. The supporting fence can also do double duty as a small shooting board for planing the ends of your timber absolutely square.

  • Width 150mm / 6"
  • Length 280mm / 11"
  • Thickness 19mm / ¾"
  • Fences 35mm / 1⅜"
  • Weight 1.5kg / 3 lbs 5 oz
  • Handmade in USA

Also available right handed.