Ashley Iles HSS Bowl Gouge 1/2"


The Ashley Iles ½" bowl gouge is ideal for larger work from nut bowls up to fruit bowls and platters, if you mainly want to make eggcups, dishes and smaller bowls, the ⅜" version might be more suitable.

Bowl gouges have a deep narrow flute and high swept back wings to quickly and efficiently peel away the material. While it is perfectly possible to form a complete bowl with just this one tool, many turners tend to find it easier to get a nice smooth finish by using a sharp scraper for the finishing cuts.

Ashley Iles bowl gouges are supplied ground with a classic fingernail grind with approximately 40 degrees of bevel and 40 degrees of swing. As well as being a hugely versatile general purpose grind it is also the easiest starting point for tweaks and modifications like sweeping the wings back into an Irish grind or taking a little off the heel for a reduced bevel.