AS021 Full set of 13 Stanley (England) RJ100 Russell Jennings

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AS021 Full set of 13 Stanley (England) RJ100 Russell Jennings augers

Stanley acquired Russell Jennings Mfg Co. in 1944, seven years earlier they had bought out brace and auger manufacturer J A Chapman of Woodside Lane Sheffield, which is where these bits would have been made.

All the bits are in very good condition, most have never been sharpened from new.

Jennings pattern bits are made by twisting a flat forging into a spiral, this produces two flutes and opposing lands that support the bit in the hole, making them balanced and accurate.

The Wheeler’s patent countersink is an interesting innovation, a forged cone with a slit in the side, it works like an inside out pencil sharpener, taking a shaving around the corner of the hole.


  • 1/8" to 1” by sixteenths
  • Stanley USA ½” Screwdriver bit
  • an earlier Wheeler’s patent countersink
  • a dowel pointer
  • Supplied in a new British made 18 pocket canvas auger roll.

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