AS018 Set of 12 Ridgway Power Jennings Augers

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AS018 Set of 12 Ridgway Power Jennings Augers + Expansive Bit


In wonderful condition with matching stamps, fine lead screws and good side wings.

Founded in 1878 William Ridgway & Sons were one of Sheffield’s most successful specialist manufacturers of auger bits, through various mergers and takeovers with Marples, C&J Hampton, Bahco, Irwin and ultimately Clico they were also the last.

Jennings pattern bits are made by twisting a flat forging into a spiral, this produces two flutes and opposing lands that support the bit in the hole, making them balanced and accurate.


  • 1/8" – 5/8” by sixteenths
  • 3/4" -  1” by eighths
  • 1-1/4”
  • Massive 1-3/4 to 3” Ridgeway Power expansive bit.
  • Supplied in a new British made 18 pocket canvas auger roll.

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