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ARNO Framing Chisels Set of 4

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ARNO Framing Chisels Set of 4

Bombproof all-steel chisels with blade and handle ground out of a single forging. Designed for professional timber framers and used all over Europe, these tools will take a superb edge and in normal use, hold it all day long. Alternatively they can be used as a set of rough, tough 'abusing chisels' to do all the jobs that you wouldn't dream of doing with your nice ones - prying, demolition etc.

The back of the blade is in line with the handle, which has a non-toxic covering that can be stripped back if you need to make deeper paring cuts. 

The set includes

  • 40mm chisel - overall length  353mm
  • 30mm chisel - overall length  353mm
  • 25mm chisel - overall length  297mm
  • 20mm chisel - overall length  274mm

Regular price if purchased separately:  £132.00

Made in France

Customer Reviews

Written by: Christopher D
Possibly My Favourite Chisels
I have many chisels both modern and vintage but I fancied a set of these Arno framing chisels from the first time I saw them.
Bought originally with a view to having a go at some framing type joints at home, I decided to take them on the day job with me as I had some skirting to cut down in situ with limited access and the danger of hitting a hard surface if the cutting edge went too far; ideal for demolition as they can take abuse it said in the description.
They did the job admirably and I didn't hit the hard surface and after some stropping of the edge(s) I started to use them on other tasks - a little paring, cutting out the back of a hinge housing, cleaning door ironmongery recesses after the painters had 'filled' everything and so on.
In no time I was cutting out new hinge housings and flush pull pockets with these chisels as my first choice and the two smaller sizes now go on every job with me and are very much my 'go to' chisels; I don't mind that they don't have handles as such and have got used to the feel and so long as the ends don't 'mushroom' too much from hammer blows they are comfortable and safe in the hand.
They are manufactured from a superb steel that both takes and holds an edge very well and as previously mentioned can be kept keen with a little stropping without resorting to the stone each time.
I would recommend these chisels and would be very interested if there were other styles of chisels from Arno made from the same excellent steel.
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