ARNO Framing Chisel

£35.00 - £45.00
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Bombproof all-steel chisels with blade and handle ground out of a single forging. Designed for professional timber framers and used all over Europe, these tools will take a superb edge and in normal use, hold it all day long. Alternatively they can be used as a set of rough, tough 'abusing chisels' to do all the jobs that you wouldn't dream of doing with your nice ones - prying, demolition etc.

The back of the blade is in line with the handle, which has a non-toxic covering that can be stripped back if you need to make deeper paring cuts.

chisel size blade length overall length blade thickness
20mm 100mm 275mm 5.5mm
25mm 120mm 297mm 5.5mm
30mm 120mm 353mm 5.5mm
40mm 140mm 353mm 5.5mm