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ARNO Ebeniste Scraper Set

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Brand ARNO
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The ARNO Ébéniste Scraper Set contains:

  • 1.0mm rectangular scraper for heavier work, removing glue and old finishes.
  • 0.6mm rectangular scraper for medium/general work .
  • 0.4mm rectangular scraper for finishing boards and chasing small patches of tearout in a planed surface.
  • 0.6mm gooseneck scraper for finishing concave surfaces.
  • Handmade French suede scraper wallet with internal PVC dividers to protect the formed hooks of scrapers from damage.
  • Carbur2 carbide burnisher polished tungsten carbide inserts produce a beautifully smooth cutting burr, the triangular side of the burnisher has a very tight radius at the centre which focuses the pressure so you need less of it less pressure = more control.
  • Pair of suede thumb guards to protect your thumbs from the heat that develops in the blade whilst scraping.


Regular price if products purchased separately: £77.20

Carbur2 leather wallet may vary

Click here for Matthew's video showing how to use the Carbur 2 to sharpen a cabinet scraper



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ARNO Ebeniste Scraper Set