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ARNO Cabinet Scraper Set

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ARNO Cabinet Scraper Set


For removing old finishes, cleaning up marks left by machine tools, levelling across joints and heavy stock removal (80 grit sandpaper jobs), reach for the stiff 1mm thick scraper.

For preparing flat or convex surfaces to receive finishing products (180 to 400 grit sanding jobs) the flexible 0.6mm scraper will give a superior surface in considerably less time than going through all the grits.

For very fine surface preparation and levelling applied finish products between coats the ultra flexible 0.25mm scraper excels. Used with gentle caressing strokes it is an incredibly effective alternative to superfine sandpaper or wire wool and will not clog up or shed metallic dust all over your surface. It can also be used with a significant bow for very precise spot work.

Last but not least is the gooseneck, shaped like a French curve to fit a wide range of profiles it allows you to scrape finish mouldings and curved pieces or gently clean up flaws in finished surfaces for repair work without marring the surrounding surface.

The Workshop Heaven Scraper Set contains:

  • 1.0mm rectangular scraper for heavier work, removing glue and old finishes.
  • 0.4mm rectangular scraper for finishing boards and chasing small patches of tearout in a planed surface.
  • 0.25mm rectangular scraper for fine spot work, and lightly scraping between coats of finish.
  • 0.6mm gooseneck scraper for finishing concave surfaces.

 Price if bought seperately: £23.00

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