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Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish 60ml

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Alfie Shine Hard Wax Polish 60ml


Alfie Shine was researched and developed by Jim Hendricks for use on his extensive collection of rare and valuable woodworking hand tools.

It is a proper, old fashioned, hard wax polish with the addition of some special natural ingredients, the recipe was found in a 17th century instrument maker’s notebook. Some of the ingredients have been brought in directly from sources in the middle east to ensure that they are of the highest quality available.

Many of the wax polishes available today are soft paste waxes or creams – bulked out with solvents to increase their volume. Alfie Shine doesn’t contain any solvents at all, it began as an historical research project rather than a commercial product and it is only ever made by following Jim’s original recipe to the letter.

Applied in thin coats (a little goes a very long way) with a soft cloth or a clean shoe brush for larger surfaces, Alfie Shine penetrates and nourishes dry wood. With successive applications, the resins gradually build into a resilient clear protective surface that enhances the figure of the timber without degrading patina.

This is old school finishing, there are no dryers or accelerants, so you do need to leave two or three days between applications to allow everything to harden up, but if you keep going, it will eventually build into an incredibly deep, rich and subtle gloss finish.


Customer Reviews

Written by: Adi
Outstanding performance.
What a product. Really wish I'd found this wax earlier. The term traditional is banded about all too often with no real concept of its meaning. This beeswax however is the epitome of what a traditional product and finish is all about. From its three hundred year old recipe to its beautiful aroma and finish. If you're a true lover of woodworking and hand tools, then your search for the perfect accompaniment is over. Golly I've used it on everything, 100 year old tool chest and its contents to my screw and nail drawers. Blimey even the wife's had a couple of coats. She's never looked or smelled so beautiful lol. Thank you ever so much. Definitely buying more.
Written by: Bazz
Traditional perfection!
This has gone from a trial to a necessity in one use! It uses only natural, traditional ingredients and no chemicals so it fits in perfectly with my hand tool ethos. It leaves no tacky residue like Briwax or a solvent based wax can. I used it on metal too and it works well as a lubricant when planing. I recommend it to everyone!
Written by: Cliff
Amazing product with Heaven scent
I highly recommend this product.

I have been restoring furniture, tools and firearms for several years and have tried untold amounts of over the counter products, home brewed concoctions, some with good results and others with complete failure. Some of the products either purchased or concocted were noxious and required the use of gloves and/or a mask and could not be used for prolonged use indoors.

Upon opening the Alfie Shine tin I smelled a very pleasant slight fragrance coming from the product so I turned the can upside down to read the ingredients.
The ingredients are all natural products and uses Frankincense and Myrrh for the scent.
The color of the wax is a creamy “golden” color infused with “Frankincense and Myrrh”, so it’s safe to use and “heavenly” scent.
Sorry I couldn’t resist that.

I decided to use the Alfie Shine on an old wooden hand plane that I am restoring and while using the wax I noticed that the fragrance grew and was very pleasing, not overpowering at all.
Before waxing I the plane I took it apart gave it a thorough cleaning and thought that I had done a very sufficient job but while applying the wax it pulled out grit and grime that I had not seen, all the while leaving the patina on both the wood and metal.
After I had waxed all the parts I took a clean cloth and buffed the surfaces and it produced a beautiful sheen while bringing out all of the natural details of the wood that had been hidden for years. It brightened the metal parts as well and created a nice contrast to the heavy patina areas.
I was so pleased with the results I started pulling out several different types of old tools to see how it work work on them and before long I had 10 beautifully cleaned, waxed and rust protected antiques that looked like they had been meticulously kept for years.

So all in all this Alfie Shine is the “gift of the magi”. What? Too soon??
Sorry again but I really, really couldn’t help myself.

By the way, I’m not sure if you sell it this way, but I will be needing a case soon.
Written by: Jim
Satisfied customer...blog review!
An excellent review of ALFIE SHINE from a toolmaker and restorer in the USA:

Written by: Adamo
Easily the most favorite wax I've ever used
I was able to put this wax to use on several antique wood planes yesterday.

I've cleaned and restored hundreds of hand planes over the last 6 years and Alfieshine was a small revelation. And dang does it smell good! If they added some Sandlewood I would wear it as a cologne, truly.

After a quick application, aided by some 0000 steel wool and buffing with a paper towel ( don't ask me why, but a folded paper towel, will buff and polish wax better than any cheap shop supply I have found) the results were immediate and profound. The medullary rays of the antique Beech wood really, really 'popped'. The surfaces feel lustrous and have a hard, smooth waxy feel that doesn't get all over your skin.

This wax is supposed to get better and better with repeated applications over time and I can't wait! I got a lot of hand planes to restore still & you guys better to release it in a larger size soon.
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