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AG043 Full set of 13 Wrights Jennings Pattern Augers

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AG043 Full set of 13 Wrights Jennings Pattern Augers


The Connecticut Valley Manufacturing Co, was established in 1874 by U.S. civil war veteran Alfred M Wright, the company survived through three generations of the Wright family and continued right until 1983. They were particularly noted as the original manufacturer of Clarks patent expansive bits, made from a special chrome carbon steel and faithful to the original design, an example of which since been found and added to this set.

Condition is generally excellent with fine sharp lead screws and many of them look like they have never been sharpened, a few cosmetic marks on the flutes of smallest two sizes and the usual chuck jaw marks on the shanks.

"Wrights Jennings No. 30 auger bits are made from our special formula steel. They are all carefully twisted by hand and are sized by being turned in lathes and will bore accurately the size hole indicated on the bit. They bore a smooth hole because from thread tip to finish they are made to do the job right."

Sizes: 1/4" to 1" by sixteenths plus a 1-7/8" - 3" CONVAL expansive bit.

These augers are pre-owned and not covered by our Lifetime Warranty - please see Terms and Conditions.

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