AG026 Full set of 13 Russell Jennings Fine Thread Augers

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AG026 Full set of 13 Russell Jennings Fine Thread Augers

These are what all the others are trying to copy, a complete set of original Russell Jennings augers, in exceptional condition, dating from before the company was acquired by Stanley in 1944.

All the bits are in superb order, the lead screws are perfect and several of the bits don't look to have ever been sharpened from new. One or two have jaw marks on the shanks (wiggling the bit and retightening is a good habit to get into) but apart from that they are as new.

In 1855 Russell Jennings patented his double twist bit with cutting spurs. Widely regarded as the best bits for use in hardwoods, the fine thread version soon became popular with furniture makers and remains so to this day.

The double twist rests evenly on opposite sides of the hole, so the bit naturally wants to stay straight. The cutting lips release a circle of timber just ahead of the main cutting edge so that the main edges can plane out the waste with ease.

As with all self feeding augers, the best way to get a clean exit hole is to clamp a block of scrap on the exit side so that the surrounding timber is backed up and the lead screw still has something to bite into. 
You don’t need an auger bit file for Irwin or Jennings augers, any thin smooth file with a safe edge will work. I use a Bahco 5” warding file with the edge teeth ground off, which gets to all the edges of all the sizes and leaves a nice smooth surface.

1/4 to 1” by sixteenths

Supplied in a new British made 18 pocket canvas auger roll.

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