AG013 Set of Ridgway 220 Irwin pattern solid centre augers

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AG013 Set of Ridgway 220 Irwin pattern solid centre augers


A full set of very lightly used William Ridgway 240 Irwin pattern augers plus a matching screwdriver bit made in 1944. The dipped black paint finish is correct to their year of manufacture, a step that allowed them to save precious time and abrasives by not grinding the shanks. 

Some wartime production bits are awful, the German made ones from just after the war are stamped 'foreign' and are often utterly abysmal, but it looks like Ridgways were still able to either source or make some good stuff for these as the steel itself is beautiful. A fine example of how high Sheffield managed to keep their standards in spite of challenging production circumstances.

The Irwin auger was designed for rapid boring in all types of wood without having to stop and clear the waste, it has a single twist leadscrew that bites better in softer woods (they work beautifully in anything from oak down) and a generous single flute to clear the waste efficiently.

Whilst the single twist means they are not quite as balanced as a double twist auger, a nice sharp Irwin can still produce a surprisingly clean hole in moderate hardwoods, they also tend to be a bit cheaper as there are more of them around. 

You don’t need an auger bit file for Irwin or Jennings augers, any thin smooth file with a safe edge will work. I use a Bahco 5” warding file with the edge teeth ground off, which gets to all the edges of all the sizes and leaves a nice smooth surface.

Full matching set 1/4 to 1" by sixteenths.

Supplied in a new British made 18 pocket canvas auger roll.

These augers are pre-owned and not covered by our Lifetime Warranty - please see Terms and Conditions.

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